Key Features

Key Features

Property Data

HUB holds full address and component condition data and can incorporate capital, cyclical, reactive, contingent and improvement works as required. All the data is easily edited or updated to reflect completed works, changes in priority or corrections.

Bulk Updates

Data can be updated individually or in bulk making it easy to reflect capital programmes or strategic changes to investment plans.

Property Lists

Users can easily create named lists of properties that can then be updated in bulk or reported on as a group.

Schedule of Rates

HUB contains a schedule of rates upon which all the cost projections are based. Users can define their own schedule to ensure the costs reflect the local tender prices specific to them and their specification.

File Attachments

Each property within HUB can have a number of files attached and stored against them. These can be EPC’s, gas service certificates, photographs or any other file the user feels useful or important.

Cost Projections

HUB creates forward 30 year cost projections that users can specify the range of properties, the grouping of years and the starting date. The generated costs have a “drill down” facility to identify which properties, costs are allocated to.

Housing Standard Compliance Reports

HUB produces a number of standard reports to allow users to identify compliance with Housing Standards such SHQS and EESSH.

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